Color quilts
I tried to sign up, but it didn't work.
Be sure to use the same email address that you submitted when you applied for registration.
What can I view if I'm not registered or not logged in?
You can view the Public Timeline, public profiles and pages from the footer of the website.

Why is my avatar black and white?
Any picture that you set as your avatar will be automatically converted to grayscale. It is an aspect of the overall look and feel of the service. Colors are reserved for posts only.
Tip: We recommend pictures with a higher contrast.
How should I write web addresses? With or without "http"?
It doesn't matter. It works either way.

Why can't I post pure black (000000) or white (FFFFFF)?
Pure black and white are the extremes, so they are excluded from the color picker.
What is that string of 6 digits that goes with my post?
It is a hexadecimal code of the color tone in RGB system. Since we find the usual color names (red, green, orange...) limiting we decided to identify every color tone by its hexadecimal code.
Read more about this topic at wikipedia.org/wiki/Web_colors#Hex_triplet
Why use only RGB and not other color systems like CMYK?
We use RGB system because it is designed for screens, and our service is available through computer screens.
How many colors do I get to choose from?
16,777,214. The human eye can distinguish around 10 million different colors.
Why can't I pick a hexadecimal code instead of choosing a color?
Because the whole process of color picking is designed to be free of any planning.
What is a daily chromapost?
That is the sum of your entire day. You try to describe your entire daily experience through a single color tone.
That is how the entire Chromapost (www.chromapost.com) artwork started.
How do I delete a post?
Click the X on the right hand side of the color bar.

How can I actually express my feelings through colors?
Try to forget what you are taught about colors (red=stop, green=go), or what particular colors might mean in your culture, or what your personal aesthetic preference is (i.e., I like to wear red, but never blue). Try to find your own personal color tone that corresponds to your particular feeling.
This is not very exact, is it?
No, it isn't. Our feelings can never be defined with a mathematical precision. And we have found beauty in that fact.
How do I know what another person actually feels based on the color she or he posted?
You can guess based on your own feelings. As you usually do.

How do I send a message?
Pick a color, check "send as message" and click post. After that you will be able to pick a recipient and send him the message.
My message has been cut off.
The messaging system is designed in such a way that your message can be as long as the space in the color bar permits.
To whom can I send messages?
To users who follow you.

Color quilts
Who is included in the Public Timeline?
All users whose profiles are set to "public" are included in the Public Timeline.
Who can see my profile and updates?
If your profile is set to "public" then everyone can see it. If it is set to "private", only people from your personal network can see your profile and updates.
Whose updates are included in the "My Network" color quilt?
You can see updates from users you follow in "My Network". They are also listed on your profile page under "Following".
How can I distinguish regular chromaposts from the daily chromaposts?
Daily chromaposts have a little white triangle in the lower right corner of the color bar. They also don't have a time stamp, just a date.

Can I share someone else's color?
Yes, you can share any color that can be opened in "expanded view".
How do I get "expanded view" of the color?
You get it automatically when you post a color. Otherwise you can click a color bar in any of the color quilts except for the color bars in messages.
Can I repost someone else's color?
No, you cannot. The service is designed for picking color only.

How do I search for similar colors?
There are two ways. You can type the hexadecimal code of the color tone in the search field or you can search through the "expanded view" of the color tone.